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Welcome To ritebite orthodontics

At ritebite orthodontics, we strive to provide the highest quality orthodontic care to our patients, in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Our certified orthodontists provide only the most advanced orthodontic treatments, with particular emphasis on Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and clear braces. More importantly, we believe that treatment is about more than just straight teeth. Our treatment plans are face driven focusing on the effect that your teeth will have on your lips, nose, chin and the rest of your face.

Studies show that a beautiful smile can make a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem, confidence and overall health. However, we understand that sometimes budgets are tight and orthodontic treatment is certainly an investment. We believe that finances should not stand in the way of anyone’s treatment. This is why we are dedicated to making treatment by a certified orthodontic specialist affordable so we can give everyone the beautiful, straight smile they deserve!

The courtesy, professionalism and caring shown by your highly qualified staff is commendable and I have no hesitation in recommending your orthodontic practice to my friends and acquaintances. My heartfelt gratitude to you, Dr. Luis, and your caring staff for the wonderful gift that you have provided me.

Deidre N.

My experience has been great and I strongly recommend Dr. Luis and his team to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment. One thing's for sure, if you want straight teeth but don't want braces, go see Dr. Luis!

Patricia C.

Thank you so much for our family's beautiful smiles! Words cannot express our appreciation. What impressed me the most is that you treat each case uniquely and offer the best treatment plan accordingly. The boys' successful treatment plans were completed through braces, but Paul and I were so pleased to have other treatment options – namely, Invisalign.

The S. Family

Dear Dr. Luis and Staff, WOW!! It has been an amazing 18 months as your patient (smile). You and your staff were very flexible and adept when it came to working in my mouth. I loved it when I came into your office and I was greeted by so many warm faces. Thank you so much for my beautiful smile.

Bonnie M.

We are so happy with our decision to trust in RiteBite Orthodontics with our treatment. You won't be getting rid of us quite yet as we have one more child who will need your services. Dr. Luis, you and your team are amazing and we have been left with the perfect smiles that we have always dreamed of. Thank you so much!

The S. Family

I highly recommend RiteBite Orthodontics if you too would like to feel confident with your smile and are looking for a great experience during your treatment! Not only would they make sure that you leave with a perfect smile in the end, but they also care about what will help the health of your teeth in the long term. I am glad I found RiteBite to help me improve my smile!

Maheen S.

I cannot express how I felt being able to smile proudly on my beautiful daughter's wedding day. Orthodontic treatment as an adult can be very discouraging. But, using Invisalign made the whole process seamless. I really never thought I would have that beautiful smile, but I've learned it's possible at any age. Again, thanks for being so great! I shall miss you and your staff (smile).

Bonnie M.

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