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The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an orthodontic consultation by age 7.

A healthy, beautiful smile can ensure your child’s long-term health while improving their self-image and increasing their self-confidence.

The earlier your child receives orthodontic treatment, the sooner they will reap the resulting health benefits. Also, final treatment results will be more stable decreasing the chances of relapse. Improving your child’s smile with braces or appliances such as palatal expanders can help to reduce appearance-consciousness during critical developmental years. In a study* published by the American Journal of Orthodontics, children as young as eight showed that after receiving treatment, they:

  • Became happier
  • Were less anxious
  • Had more self-esteem
  • Were able to focus better on studies

Having an early consultation with the specialists at ritebite can help your child avoid more complex and expensive treatments later in life, and in some cases can eliminate the need for braces altogether.

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