Why is RB so Affordable?

Having the smile you have always wanted should not be financially unattainable. Ritebite Orthodontics believes that everyone should have access to an affordable smile. As such, we take pride in providing quality orthodontic care at an affordable price.
How do we make orthodontic care with clear aligners so affordable?
  • Ritebite Orthodontics is one of the largest group of orthodontic clinics in Canada. This allows us to receive discounts on our orthodontic appliances, including Invisalign. These savings are passed on to our patients.
  • We manage our clinics efficiently. Our orthodontists are dental specialists so they are highly-trained and the treatment efficiency is reflected in our prices.
  • Ritebite Orthodontists are highly experienced in Invisalign so you are less likely to be dissatisfied with your clear aligner treatment.
  • The two main fixed costs in orthodontic treatment are the lab fees (Invisalign) and staff’s time including the doctor. At ritebite orthodontics, we see many patients per day and in the evenings as well. This brings down the cost per case compared to other offices in which staff sit idle most of the time.”